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Wooden packaging containers

Wooden packaging containers have excellent ecological credentials on account of their impressive carbon footprint. Allgaier only uses timber sourced from sustainable forestry – in keeping with the call for environmental protection and action to halt climate change.


Our product range includes the following:


We work with professional expertise and maximum flexibility to supply solutions which are geared to your specific requirements – so set us a challenge!


We can make versatile boxes for you with many different possible uses. Your specifications with regard to the packaged goods and transport conditions are crucial when it comes to achieving the correct design for your individual application. We have a large range of suitable materials to choose from to protect your products.


The traditional pallet is still an indispensable link in today's highly sophisticated logistics supply chain.

The wooden variety has always been and still remains the most practical and most commonly used type of pallet. Wooden pallets are carbon-neutral and are easy to handle. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Allgaier can supply you with pallets of any kind to cater fully to your individual requirements. Naturally, in addition to all the usual pallets in common use, we stock the familiar euro-pallet which is made according to the defined standards and is labelled as such.

Our range of pallets is as follows:
  • Euro-pallet
  • Non-returnable pallet
  • Dusseldorf pallet
  • INKA pallet
  • CP pallet
  • Stacking frames/pallet covers

We make special-purpose pallets to meet the exact criteria which will enable the optimum solution for your transport consignment. We will also be pleased to advise you in the relevant detail.

Stacking frames/pallet covers

We make stacking frames for use with pallets. A few hand movements will suffice to build shipping cases which offer absolute flexibility in terms of height and which can be adapted to suit the type or quantity of goods requiring transportation. Stacking frames can be made in a wide and diverse range of sizes to fit all pallet dimensions. Your wish is our command!

Another advantage is that stacking frames and pallets can be separated very quickly when empty to save space during transportation and storage. Our staff will also fit pallet covers or handles to the frames at your request and for your convenience.

Pre-cut sections

We have modern, computer-aided sawing systems with which we can provide you with fast made-to-measure services, whether you require panels, strips, boards or beams, and whether you are ordering single items or batches. We can supply you with the exact dimensions and shapes you require – and we will also cut profiles, drill holes, make cut-outs and finish the edging for you.


Wooden crates are flexible and simple to assemble, and these advantages make them ideal as transport packaging. Crates which can be taken apart also save space in the cargo hold or warehouse.

We are confident that you will be impressed by our wide range of crates. We can supply crates in all sizes and quantities. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

Transport bases

Transport bases are custom-built and can carry much heavier loads than pallets as well as loads of greater dimensions.

Transport bases can be used on any route, whether by land, sea or air, as there is no limit to their customisation options.