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Container storage

Damage sustained by cargo in transit is not only aggravating but it can also be very expensive.

The wide-ranging expertise of our packaging specialists can help you to stow and secure your goods properly so as to avoid damage.

Static and dynamic forces impact on the cargo both in transit and during the handling processes. The goods cannot be checked during these processes, however, because the containers are closed and their contents are invisible. This means that no further action can be taken to improve or change the way in which the load is secured.

The pre-packing process is therefore all the more important, and intelligence and foresight are required in order to guarantee that the load is secured in the best possible way. This includes full planning of the cargo stowage and the use of suitable materials for the safety fittings in the container as well as having a working knowledge and taking due account of the international guidelines for packing cargo on containers.

Our professional experts can be contacted at any time and will advise you on the best solution for your requirements.