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Export packaging

Full service – national, international, worldwide.

Our export packaging is specifically designed for the safe transportation of your freight.

As a certified member of the working committee entitled "Packaging according to HPE standards", we adhere to the professional guidelines in our development and manufacturing work on your behalf.

Our export packaging complies fully with the required standards, enabling it to withstand the physical impact and climatic conditions encountered along the entire length of the logistics supply chain

Planning, design and performance from one source

Our specialists will develop the right surface freight, air freight and ocean freight packaging solutions to cater to your specific requirements.

Our professional and expert contact persons will provide the full package of static calculations, 3D graphics as an aid to visualization and many other services, such as container storage, corrosion protection and air freight security.

Always bear in mind that optimum packaging and efficient stowage will ensure that your goods arrive safely at their destination on time.