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Procurement, stock holding and supply service

Procurement, stock holding and supply service

We will optimise your purchasing and logistics processes

Typical C-parts needed by companies include the following:

  • Protective clothing and workwear
  • Workshop and office equipment
  • Tools
  • Connecting elements
  • Operating supplies
  • Electrical goods

Procuring these items is both tedious and irritating for the strategic purchasing department because they are minor purchases which only account for a small proportion of the total volume of purchases.

They do, however, need to be ordered frequently because of the quantities required and this leads to disproportionately high procurement process costs. Therefore there are great potential savings to be made in the buying processes.

Minimise your costs

We will conduct a review and analysis of your procurement processes with you with a view to optimising the C-parts management system and allowing you to concentrate on the strategically important core areas of your business.

We will look at the processes in their wider context and tailor the logistics system to your specific requirements, resulting in the best possible solutions for all the processes along your supply chain, from procurement and dispatch, order clearing, returns management and payment processing right through to reporting.

Allgaier is a professional logistics service provider and you too can benefit from all the advantages of the specialist C-parts management service offered by Allgaier:

  • Bulk buying on better terms and conditions of purchase with suppliers
  • Shorter procurement processes
  • Lower administrative costs

We do not merely supply you with individual products but we introduce an entire logistics system tailored to your company. We will be pleased to advise you and work with you to set up a process which is ideal for your requirements.