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Industry expertise

Gaining flexibility from experience

We have tried and tested ways of meeting logistics and transport requirements specific to certain industries but we also have the expertise to adopt an innovative approach and try out new strategies – because we feel obliged to meet your requirements. We can tailor our services to your demands in the following sectors:

Mechanical engineering

Plant and machinery often have to be moved from one production site to another in industrial settings. Large and strong equipment is usually needed for these kinds of transportation jobs in order to be able to carry the loads and take them to the relevant places.

We have modern vehicles and we also have the special tools, lifting equipment and crane systems required to be trusted with jobs of this kind. What is more, you can engage our services to take care of all the transportation logistics (disassembly and reassembly, packaging and commissioning), if required.


Caution, circumspection and responsibility are the key aspects in the transportation of chemicals and hazardous goods. Safety of people and the environment must be guaranteed at every stage of these processes.


We are also busy working and networking in the agricultural sector, from the transport of classic produce, like animal feed and fertiliser right through to silo transportation, including warehousing and ensilage. We also offer a wide range of GMP-certified transport and logistics services geared to various national and international requirements.

Construction site logistics

The procedures involved in taking materials to and from building sites are generally carefully organised and coordinated. This is the way to guarantee that construction processes can run in sequence and to deadline, optimising results and eliminating risk.

Event logistics

Events are an increasingly important aspect of modern life. The more spectacular they are, the more publicity they attract. And the demands in terms of transport and logistics are as varied as the event concepts themselves.

We will help you to plan your attendance at all kinds of events, whether congresses, trade fairs, promotional roadshows or mega-events. We will take responsibility for the following aspects of your events, accompanying you anywhere in Europe:

  • All the supply logistics
  • Reliable transport of stages, trade fair booths and equipment
  • Site management (also in the relevant language)


We take care of the formalities well in advance, arranging any import, export and transit clearance which may be necessary and obtaining special national and international permits for long vehicles, excess weight and for journeys on Sundays and public holidays. Our transport logistics experts will coordinate and organise everything for you – the delivery of the stand and stage equipment and technical installations, the security services required to cordon off the area and the final laying of the "red carpet" – as a professional one-stop shop for "just-in-time" services.

It is quite a performance – but it is all worth it for stars like Genesis and Herbert Grönemeyeror who have performed on stages we delivered. 

Container logistics

Freight containers come in standardised sizes and can therefore be carried with all the different means of transport and quickly transferred. We know how to arrange safe transportation for the goods you want to transport by container, whether they are made of aluminium, wood, metal or glass, and whether they are complete structures, modules (with optional assembly) or ocean freight. And, if you so wish, we will provide all the additional services in respect of loading and unloading (container storage), holding and cleaning.

Secure transport for valuables

We will transport your money and valuables, acting with foresight and discretion and using state-of-the-art equipment – including money, main cash desk and equipment services. We offer the following services:

  • Transportation of cash and valuables in armoured vehicles
  • Transport services for coinage in loads of up to 24 tonnes
  • Armed vehicle crews of at least two or more
  • Bundesbank and special transport assignments
  • Customer deliveries with electronic transport locking devices
  • GPRS monitoring of vehicle fleet with special functions
  • Transport of items with supporting documentation and courier services
  • End-to-end documentation of cargo
  • Same-day turnover of goods
  • Regular and flexible delivery facilities




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