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Cross-border expertise

Our strengths include many years of experience in international freight traffic, an extensive knowledge of international contract law and shipping law, a mastery of modern data communications, and a knowledge of the languages required for international consignments.

Regional differences require an understanding of different mindsets and attitudes. Our expert knowledge of the relevant countries and cultures is particularly invaluable in the case of transport consignments to Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the CIS all the way to Central Asia. This is especially true when it comes to customs clearance.

customs clearance

Negotiating a sure path through mountains of paperwork

Our employees will advise you on the best route and mode of transport and have the knowledge of the language and an understanding of the mentality of the people in the country to which your products will be delivered.

They will take care of all the border formalities and make sure everything runs smoothly. Here are just some of the aspects of the process which they organise:

  • Preparation of export documents
  • Import duty assessments and import customs clearance
  • Compliance with regulations governing open customs warehouses
  • Simplification of procedures by way of authorised recipient and authorised sender system
  • Organisation of ferry transport services and truck convoys
  • Use of ATLAS system for customs clearance



No problem! We are here to help you!
As an internationally active company with long experience in the field of GB shipping, we have tackled the subject of the Brexit and taken precautionary measures. Our customs department will be glad to help and advise you with regard to customs clearance for exports and imports.

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