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Versatility in height access systems

Expertise is relational

allgaier GmbH was set up in 2007 and started with a small stock of machinery. The positive growth of the company allowed us to keep adding to the machine park, introducing a range of height access systems of many different kinds.

We have been a member of the PartnerLIFT consortium from the outset, giving us access to a Germany-wide pool of machines with over 15,000 items of equipment for hire. allgaier GmbH will remain your sole point of contact in this nationwide hire scheme and will coordinate the complete equipment hire service in line with your requirements.

We aim to satisfy, and you can be one of our satisfied customers too because we aspire to go beyond the status of a mere supplier of hire equipment and to be your adviser and business partner. We find the right solution to each individual problem. We are the highly qualified professionals you need with many years of experience and training.

We look forward to serving your needs and rising to the many different high-altitude challenges which you set.