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The Allgaier Group has started a learning partnership with the Pestalozzischule school for children with special needs.

The Pestalozzischule signed a new learning partnership with Allgaier Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG on Monday. The school has 12 learning partnerships in total and this one is to do with learning about the woodworking trade and having the opportunity to practise the skill on work placements. Representatives of both sides emphasised that students with special needs also have the potential to gain a foothold in the regular labour market. Social skills are a key priority for companies. The chances of success are good for people with strengths in this area.

The signing took place at the company where the students on the scheme were quick to reap the first fruits of the partnership. They were taken on a tour of the premises and shown the many different ways in which goods have to be packaged so that they arrive at their destination in one piece. Even 14-metre long panels are packaged so well that they can be delivered in perfect condition to the customer despite having crossed the oceans.